Step #1: Enable your IMAP setting:

  1. Log into your SCU GMail account,
  2. On the upper right corner, click on the Gear Box  pull down arrow and select Settings,
  3. From the top toolbar, click on POP/IMAP,
  4. On the left side, locate IMAP Access then place a cheek mark on Enable IMAP),
  5. Click on Save changes.
Step #2: Setup your Mobile Password :
  1. From the main SCU Homepage, 
  2. Just below the Login button, click on "Manage Passwords"
  3. From the "SCU Password Management Page",  enter your SCU Username & Password,
  4. Once logged in, from the "Google Mobile Password" windows, 
  5. click on "My Google Apps mobile password" and then, 
  6. click Create Mobile Password.
Remember your "Mobile password" because when setting up your smart phone, you will need to use this password to access our SCU domain. 

 iPhone/ iPad setup

  1. Tap on Settings on your mobile device,
  2. Tap on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars",
  3. Tap on Add Account,
  4. Tap on Google,
  5. Enter your name:
  6. SCU Email Address: Enter your current SCU email address (ex.
  7. Mobile Password: Your password is the mobile password .
  8. Description: whatever you want to call this account (ex. SCU Google Apps)
  9. Make sure to enable your Mail & Calendars under your account.
  10. save your work.
                Tap on your Mail icon and you will see your new Google Apps account populate.

                If your SCU Google mail is not populating, the issue is related to your the mobile password. If you're having issue, try again with-in the next 30mins by inputting your Mobile password again. If it doesn't work, then reset your mobile password and try again. 

                Android Phone Setup:

                Note: Directions are for Android 4.1.1. Older or Newer versions should have similar steps.

                1. On your Android phone open “Settings.”
                2- In the “Accounts” section, press “Add account.”
                3- On the next screen, press “Google.”
                4- On the next screen, press “Existing.”
                5- On the next screen, enter your email and mobile password. Make sure you are using your SCU mobile password and not your normal one.
                6- Click the next arrow.
                If prompted to join Google+ or entertainment services, click “Not now.”
                7- The next screen should be a list of options that will be synced. Check the boxes for the options that you want synced. Make sure the “Sync Gmail” option is selected.
                8- Click the next arrow.
                9- Open the Gmail app. If another Gmail account is open in the app, click the upper left icon and click your SCU Gmail account to switch to it.