Instructions on how to log into eCampus:

  • Access e-campus homepage from
  • Enter your eCampus login (W1234567) and password,
  • Click on the login button.

If you forgot your eCampus password, click on this website for Student login and password tips and go to the "Forgot your eCampus password" session.

NOTE: If you are an International student and need to reset your E-Campus password, but do not have a SSN number, then you will need to enter a four digit code to bypass the “SSN screen.”  If you do not have a 4-digit code, then please call 408-554-5700 for assistance.

How to look up your SCU Electronic Information after you have successfully logged into eCampus:

  • From
  • Enter your e-Campus User ID# and password,
  • On left side, under Personal Portfolio, 
  • SCU Student Electronic Information
  • From your Electronic Information window, you will have your log-in username & password for Camino/SCU Gmail.
  • Note: The password listed is only the original password, it will not change
  • Student Electronic Info Guide pdf

For more information on eCampus, visit the E-Campus page for students.

For support on E-Campus, call the IT Service Center at 408-554-5700 or visit their support page.

 How to look up your ExamSoft Blind ID #:
  1. From
  2. Enter your e-Campus User ID# and password,
  3. Under Academics in the panel on the left hand side of the screen,
  4. Click on "Law Students View Blind ID"