Need to use SCU network resources? You must have the minimum requirements below to be compliant.

  • Be a current registered SCU student, a SCU employee, or an approved SCU contractor/consultant.
  • Be connected to SCU-Student or SCU-Employee WiFi network.
  • Have the latest Operating System (OS) security patches.
  • Have an Anti-Virus software that is approved by SCU IT.  
  • Have installed SCU SafeConnect policy key software.

SCU Student Wireless Access:

University IT may refresh SafeConnect accounts every academic quarter. If you have any issues, stop by IT Service Center located in the main library and learning commons or call 408-554-5700.

1. Choose SCU-Student 

2. SCU-Student or SCU-Employee are encrypted with WPA.  You will be asked to enter a WPA key.

          For SCU-Student enter "gosantaclara" (without quotation marks)


3. Verify that you have an approved Anti-virus application installed on your computer. If not, then you can download and install a licensed version of Sophos from SCU's download page.  

4. After entering the WPA key, you will need to launch your web browser and browse to an off-campus web site such as  .

5. You will be redirected to the SafeConnect portal and prompt you to type in your username (SCU Network ID) and password. Once you have successfully authenticated into the SafeConnect portal, then you are able to access the Internet. 

NOTE: Once logged in, you may be asked to "download a Policy Key which "MUST be downloaded to access the wireless network." You must install SCU SafeConnect policy key software, restart your notebook, and go through steps 4 & 5 again to be granted outbound Internet access.