Please note that Santa Clara University School of Law does not have a computer laptop program. Students are not required to use a computer laptop for classes.

Educational Discounts

SCU Law students are eligible for the standard discounts available by the computer manufacturer. Learn more about SCU student purchases here.

Support Warranties

When you purchase a laptop, we strongly recommend getting at least a 3 or 4 year warranty. We also suggest that you consider the "spill protection" warranties, which cover drops, spills, and other mishaps not normally covered under a standard warranty. Please note: the Law Help Desk is not authorized to re-install OS software, do any data recovery, hardware upgrades (storage, RAM), etc.   If you have any hardware issues with your notebook, then we will help you with any initial diagnostics and then refer you to your OEM vendor to seek technical help.

Selecting the right computer laptop for you

One should consider the following factors.  This is a general list, and not comprehensive by any means.

  • Laptops are not "one size fits all."  Some students will want smaller laptops with longer battery life and less weight, while other students don't mind carrying a slightly heavier but faster notebook computer.

Performance/Screen Size
  • As mentioned above, smaller laptops are more portable but lack the screen real estate.  Bigger laptops may have larger screens, but have less battery life. The average screen size that most students prefer is around 13 to 14 inches.

Battery life
  • The choice depends on your style of work. Modern laptops have an average battery life of at least 5 hours.

Extra features
  • Wireless networking, Bluetooth, a built-in camera, etc are usually standard on modern notebooks

Special Note on iPads & Tablets

Please note that Apple iPads & Android Tablets are not supported during law school exams! You are required to write all your exams but will have the option to use a laptop computer to take your exams using Examsoft's exam taking software.

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