Step 1:Install Softest

  • Log into
  • Locate Exam Takers window on left side,
  • Enter 11 digit SCU Access Card ID# & Softest password,
  • Click on the login button. 
  • Locate the "softest download tab", (If you can't find the Softest Download button, from the top toolbar, click on Softest)
  • On the left side window, Look for "Install & Register Softest and click on "Download".
  • Follow instructions on downloading and installing Softest. (If unsure, view the video located in the middle of the page)

Step 2: Register and Download Exam Files

After downloading Softest, "Register Softest and Download exam files":

  • Enter sculaw,
  • Enter 11 digit number and Softest password.
  • Highlight all Final exam files,
  • Take the Mock exam before your scheduled final exam to  practice and get familiar with the program features. 

If you forgot your Softest password, request to have it reset by clicking on the password reset link below:

  • Click on this "Softest Password request link",
  • Only Enter you're SCU GMail account and click Send.
  • Log into SCU mail account ( and then look for an e-mail from
  • Follow the additional instructions contained in that email to reset your Softest registration password.