If you are leaving SCU (graduation, transfer, etc.) and wish to copy your emails to a person GMail account, then do the following:

Step 1: If you know your Gmail Mobile password, then go to step 2. Otherwise, you can create/change your Gmail mobile password here.

Step 2: Enable POP setting in your SCU GMail.

a) Login into your SCU GMail account. The "settings" menu item can be displayed by selecting the icon that looks like a gear


b) Once in the settings menu, select "POP/IMAP" Download" Tab.

c) Select the radio button next to "Enable POP for All Mails" then click on "Save Changes" on the bottom of the page.


d) Next, go back to your SCU E-Mail address on the upper right and then click on the pull down arrow and select "My Account."

f) On the next window, click on the "Sign-In & Security" which will bring you to the "Manage your account access & security settings."

         h)  In the Left side panel, click on "Connected apps & sites."

         i) Locate "Allow less secure apps: OFF", then click on the slid button to turn on.

Step 3: Enable & Setup GMail (Personal) to migrate SCU Inbox.

a) Now, log into your "Personal GMail account."

b) Go to Account Settings and click on "Accounts and Import."

c) Find the section called "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)":

     d) Click on "Add a POP3 mail account" Make sure to enter your full SCU GMail account address then click on next step.

You will see the following screen

5) On the following Screen you will need to fill in the following fields:

a. Username - Make sure you enter your full scu e-mail address johndoe@scu.edu.

b. Password - This will be your Gmail Mobile password.

c. Pop Server - pop.googlemail.com, leave port as 995.

d. Leave checkmark in “Always use secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.

e. To reduce clutter in your Inbox, place a checkmark in Label incoming message. You can select from your list of current labels or create an new one.

6) Finally click on Add Account.

*** Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for all messages to be migrated into the personal GMail account.