All law students will need to access the SCU-Student network for wireless access. If you get "quarantined" while trying to log in, all Mac & PC computers are now required to have an "Anti-Virus software& "Safe Connect Policy Key Policy" installed to access the SCU network.

*If you have the old SCU Symantec software (Yellow Shield), you will need to uninstall it.

** We highly recommend the licensed version of Sophos for SCU students.

*** If you still cannot get to the Internet after install AV and think you have been flagged as network "quarantined," then please contact the IT Service Center at 408-55-5700. You may be asked to stop by their service center which is located in the main campus library and learning commons.

  1. Connect to SCU-Student by using the password gosantaclara .
  2. Launch Chrome/Firefox/IE and go to an external site like .
  3. If you get redirected to "Safe Connect Policy Key Installer" page, then you must install it!
  4. Visit an external site again like to get redirected to a SCU login prompt
  5. Enter your SCU Network Credentials (Camino/eCampus login and your password; or SCU Gmail address without "" and your password). Once you have logged in successfully to SCU-Student with SafeConnect, then you are authenticated to use SCU network and its network resources.

To get more information on getting connected at SCU, visit Central IT's networking page.