Bannan Lounge Savin copier only COPIES and DOES NOT scan and/or send e-mail attachments.

Bannan Lounge Savin is charged against your  FLEX Account only and not SmartPrint account

  • After swiping the student access card, it will display "Card Counter." This means the Savin copier is waiting for the student to input how many copies to print (by entering a number on the key touch pad), which will then deduct the money from the FLEX account and then make copies.
  • In the event that it shows "insufficient funds" or does not perform the copy function, the student will need to add FLEX money into his/her card. Here is the Access Office website on how to add money..

Heafey Library workaround tips and other resources available for Law Students: 
  • Scan, copy and email a PDF attachment: the Heafey Circulation has a Savin copier that is able to scan, fax and email PDF attachments. Just ask the Heafey Circulation desk for help.
  • Use your Smart Print money to print your scan documents. Heafey Library has a MultiScanner system that let you scan your documents and print them using your smart print money.
  • Scan and save your files onto your Google Docs.