Even if you don't have the SmartPrint printer driver and Pop-up software installed, you can upload your document to the SmartPrint MyPrinterCenter site and print to any SmartPrint printer on campus

NOTE: When you upload and print from SP2.scu.edu/MyPrintCenter , your print job will automatically print out at the designated printer. No need to release your print job via the SmartPrint station.

1. Verify that you have the funds to print.

2. Once you have verified that you have enough funds in your account, then you print to any SmartPrint printer:  

  • Log into https://sp2.scu.edu/MyPrintCenter/ with your SCU ID and password credentials
  • In the lower right corner, select the printer destination. Select Print.
  • Go to any SmartPrint printer and use your access ID card to release your print job. NOTE: You can only release your print job using your access ID card.