Issue: Student successfully logged into the new MySCU portal ( to gain access to SCU Gmail and Camino. However, the student still had issues with logging into his/her mobile SCU Gmail account on his/her phone.


1. Visit ;

2. Search for "mobile" ;

3. Select the first link "Mobile Devices-Get Connected" ;

4. Select  "Change your SCU Network ID or Google mobile device password" ;

5. Select "SCU password management" link under "Google Mobile Device Password" ;

6. Change the Google mobile device password to the same password as SCU Gmail password

6. Log into the SCU Gmail account via or Goto SCU Gmail settings and check to make sure that IMAP is enabled under "POP/IMAP download" tab ;

7. Test the Gmail account pull/push function on the user's mobile phone. You may be prompted to enter the newly changed password.


** If for any reason a user has to change his/her password on SCU Gmail password, then it is recommended that the SCU Gmail password and Google Mobile password be the same ***