I have a need to re-download my exam(s). What do I do?

For example, you received an email notification like this:

Dear Law Student,

This email confirms that you have successfully downloaded the following exam:

Institution: Santa Clara University School of Law
Exam Taker ID: 100000099999
Exam File: Mock-Exam-2016-Semi-Secure-503474.xmzx

If you require another download of this exam at any point in time, then you will need to contact your professor or an administrator at your academic institution.


ExamSoft Support
7:30am - 8:30pm ET M-F
8:30am - 6:30pm ET Sat

If your Softest is working correctly, then contact Student Services ( Bannan Hall 210, 408-554-4766 ) and ask for the SCU Softest administrator. That person will be able to grant you an extra download for that particular exam. Please make sure to have your SCU Access card with you and/or be able to provide your SCU Access ID number over the phone.

NOTE: During exam periods, you can ask the Head Proctor table located in the Bannan Hall Student lounge to give you an extra download. The mock exam password is bronco5 .