This solution is for when Softest appears to start and then suddenly exits. This issue is most common on Windows computers that have been recently updated from windows 7 to 10; or from  Windows 8 to 10. It could also be an issue for older computers that could potentially be corrupt. 

To resolve this issue follow these steps:

1.) Open the control panel then show all control panel items.

2.) Select the Programs and Features Icon.

3.) You should now either see another Icon that say uninstall program or you should see a list of all the programs that are on the computer.

4.) Once you see the list of all the programs on the computer scroll down it until you find Softest. Select softest and uninstall it completely from the computer.

5.) Once Softest is uninstalled you will need to open the file explorer on that computer. When in the file explorer open up the C drive. You will need to navigate to C:\Program Files(x86) and find the Examsoft folder. 

6.) When you are in the exam soft folder look for the file stdb.s3db and delete it.

7.) For this next part refer to the images attached below. You will need to right click on Program Files(x86) (IMG_1483)


and select edit address Now type in C:\Programdata (IMG_1485)

8.) Press enter and you should be in the "Programdata" directory. From here go to the Examsoft folder and delete the same file you deleted before. (stdb.s3db)

9.) Once this second file has been deleted run the softest installer again. It will prompt you for the university ID. when prompted type in sculaw and press done.

10.) It will then ask you for the students examsoft (11 digit) ID and password. Once the id and password are input softest will be installed properly on the computer.

Solution provided and tested by Student Help Desk Staff