With Softest Version 11 or later, log files are generated and can be sent to Examsoft for further investigation.

Generating a log file after Softest has uploaded the exam file.

Re-launch Softest and use the keyboard combination to create a log file

 For Windows: press CTRL-T

 For Mac: press CMD + T

After sending log files to support@examsoft.com, you will need to follow up with Examsoft support. The support representative will need information from you such as your student blind ID; date/time when the log files where uploaded; exam name, etc. to help you troubleshooting any issues with exam files and/or Softest.


How to manually extract log files

For Mac
: /Library/Application Support/Softest/

Look for softest.log, procserv.log, and/or any exception logs (files starting with "ex")

For Win: C:/Program Files x86/Examsoft/Softest/

Look for lg9811_t.log and/or procserv.log