SmartPrint color printers are located in the Learning Commons at the following locations:

Color PrintersLocation
Lower Level Copy Room    Lower Level by the restrooms (Learning Commons)
1st Floor Copy Room1st Floor by the restrooms (Learning Commons)
2nd Floor Copy Room2nd Floor by the restrooms (Learning Commons)
3rd Floor Copy Room 3rd Floor by the restrooms (Learning Commons)
Digital Media Lab3rd Floor Multimedia Lab - Room 331   (Learning Commons)
1st Floor Copy Room 116
Charney Hall

Black & White / Color Printout Pricing:


 Single-sided PrintingDouble-sided Printing
Black & White Printing$0.08 per page (only one side printed)$0.06 per page (both sides printed)
Color Printing$0.15 per page (only one side printed)$0.12 per page (both sides printed)