Examplify is very much a version 1.X product so it is not guaranteed that it will perform flawlessly over the previous version, aka Softest. However, you can help Examplify perform better by doing the following:

TIP #1: For in-class exams, Examsoft Examplify in secure mode will need a large portion of available memory to run. Always run the secure mock exam ( password: bronco5 ) to check if your computer will run normally. Do this test run of the secure mock exam before your real exam.

TIP #2: Disable or close as many applications to give Examplify a clean start. Failing to do so may introduce unknown technical anomalies during your exam.

Any cloud services to local sync app (e.g. Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.)

Any web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Tor, etc.)

Spotify (or any streaming music service)

Utorrent ( or any torrent app)

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.)

Steam client (or any gaming app)

NOTE: After you have closed all of your applications and Examplify still does not launch, disable your Anti-virus program, and then attempt to start Examplify again.

NOTE: At the end of the exam, you will need to successfully close out of Examplify. If the upload process is taking some time or seems to be "timing out," then restart your laptop computer, and Examplify will attempt to upload your exam again after it has found an valid Internet connection (i.e. SCU-Student or SCU-Guest WiFi).