As of 7/19/2017, Cal State Bar has lifted the ban on Macbook Pro Touch models for the July 2017 Bar Exam. Please wait for the official notification from Law Student Services on this latest update before you decide on what Apple laptop to purchase for Fall 2017.

As of 3/24/2017, Examsoft has released a patch to Softest 11 that addresses the touch bar issue. However, please inquire with the California State Bar to find out if they have lifted the ban on Macbook Pro touch computers for summer Bar Exams.


As of 2/28/2017, Student Services has decided to agree with the California State Bar and have restricted the use of new Macbook Book Pro computers with the touch bar feature. If you have a new macbook pro computer with the touch bar feature, then you are not allowed to use it with Examsoft Softest for any SCU Law exams until further notice. Student Services will be working withe vendor, Examsoft, and update you soon. Please also note, disabling the "touch bar" feature still makes Softest vulnerable to security breaches. For any feedback and/or questions, please contact: 

Student Services

Charney Hall, Suite 114

(408) 554-4766