There is a lot of frustration and confusion about the Macbook Book Pro Touch lately. Examsoft had released a patch to fix OLED security issue with Softest-M running on the new Macbook Pro with an OLED Touch Bar.  See latest updates below.

8/28 /2017 - Law School will allow the new macbook pro laptops with OLED touch bar. However, please wait for the official notification from SCU LAW Student Services.

7/19/2017 - Cal Bar is now allowing Macbook Pro Touch laptop computers to be used on the upcoming July 2017 Bar Exam. Please wait for the official SCU LAW Student Services notification before making your purchases for upcoming Fall 2017 Semester.


On 4/20/2017, a message was sent to all law students concerning Apple's Mac Book Pro Touch laptop. See Below. What this message means is that even if you have the latest and greatest Softest patch (installed) that supposedly disables the OLED touch bar feature (and addresses the "freezing up" issue with Sierra 10.12.4) on the new Macbook Pro laptops,  SCU Law will still restrict exam users from using this type of model from all Spring 2017 exams.  

Dear Students, 

We have been advised that the MacBook Pro laptop with Touch Bar contains certain embedded features that makes it a security concern for the upcoming Spring 2017 final exams.  

As a result, students WILL NOT be allowed to use a MacBook Pro laptop with Touch Bar this exam period.  Students who have already downloaded SofTest to their computer will need to make preparations to secure a different laptop for use during examination.  
DO NOT USE A FELLOW LAW STUDENTS COMPUTER.  Two profiles cannot exist on one laptop.  You will need to secure a laptop that is not being used by another student. 
Exam Staff and proctors will be instructed to monitor rooms for this laptop and tech staff to monitor student attempts to use this MacBook during the exam period. 

Please note we are doing all we can to obtain updates from ExamSoft several times a week.  When we receive notice that an update has been made available patching this security risk, we will notify you immediately.  In the meantime, please make arrangements for this upcoming exam period. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Law Technology Services located on the first floor of Bannan or by phone at (408) 554-5762

We will do all we can to help and understand how frustrating this notice must be. However at this time, we find it best to follow the existing policies currently being held for the CA Bar exam in an effort to make sure each of your exams are secure. 

Thank you for your patience as we work through this.