Colleagues and students,

At SCU, we access a large number of computer systems via our network. Behind the scenes, the way the application knows you are who you say you are is carried out in more than one way.
The following three systems use a sign-on method that may see some minor changes over the next few weeks:

Google Suite Apps (including GMail, GDrive, Google Calendars)

While there are at least three ways to get to a log in prompt on each the above applications, the preferred way to get to the applications is via the SCU Portal, at . We strongly recommend that you use the portal to get to these particular applications.
No other applications - such as eCampus - are affected by this notice. Please continue to access all other applications as you do today, without change.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the 
Technology Helpdesk on 408-554-5700.

- University IT