If your Examsoft exam taking software freezes up during exam, raise your hand immediately, grab a blue book, and start writing. The proctor will immediately call for technical support. 

Step 1. Determine that the application is indeed "frozen" by checking the condition of cursor and any response from the track pad or mouse input.

Step 2. Wait 30 to 60 seconds to let the Exam taking software save a copy of your exam.

Step 3. Perform a hard restart by pressing down on the power button, wait at least 5 seconds, and then press the power button again to let the computer power back up.

Step 4. If prompted, log back into your OS desktop profile, and let the Examsoft exam taking software start its recovery process. If the exam taking software doesn't start, then start it manually by double-clicking on the exam taking software icon located in task bar, desktop area, Programs/Apps folder (Windows), or Applications folder (Mac OS).

Step 5. When prompted, click on the "return to exam" button to get back into the exam taking application. 

NOTE: If a resume code is needed, then ask the proctor for the resume code and then enter that resume code to proceed into the Examsoft exam taking application. Resume codes are case sensitive so be careful or you may have to repeat Steps 1 through 5.

PLEASE NOTE: During the state bar exam, you may need to do this yourself because no on-site technical support will be present. Please be prepared to do this task yourself.