Update as of 1/29/2018: Law School Student Services has notified all law students that Examplify will be used for the Spring 2018 midterms and finals. 

Examsoft will be releasing a new product called Examplify (aka the new Softest-M) in late July 2017. Student Services will be updating law students in the Fall on the Law School's decision on which version will be allowed for Fall and/or Spring Finals. DO NOT install or upgrade to Examplify 1.X until told to do so by the Student Services. DO NOT upgrade to Apple Mac OS High Sierra or Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update. Softest-M (Verson 11.X) or Examplify (Version 1.x) is not yet supported.

For February 2018 bar exam takers, please contact Examsoft at 866.229.8889 to verify what version is needed for your upcoming bar exam. Alternatively, you can contact the California State Bar or read about here.