*Note: Before uninstalling SofTest it is recommended to save the SofTest folder onto a USB flash drive or to another location on the computer first because uninstalling SofTest will also remove all previously saved answer files, back up files, and exam logs.

To uninstall SofTest on a Mac operating system please follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to the Applications Folder on your system.

2. Find the SofTest App in this folder.

3. Drag SofTest to your trash bin on your dock.

4. Empty your trash bin containing the SofTest application.

To do a "CLEAN" re-install of SofTest (Best to do if you experienced technical difficulties during your initial install):

1. Navigate to your Finder > select 'Go' at the top finder tool bar.

2. Navigate to: Computer> Library > Application Support > and rename the 'Softest' folder to 'Softest.old'.