You may notice that Examplify will update your current installation to version 1.8. If you have update to version 1.8, then the STOP sign prompt will be different. If you haven't run Examplify in the last two weeks, then you may want to run it so that you have the latest version. And as always run a mock exam ( password is bronco5 ).

You can alway download the latest version of Examplify here, Examplify-Downloading-for-Windows-Mac

Examplify 1.8.0 - Release-Notes


Usability Improvements

  • Updated exam start screen to require checkbox instead of four-digit code
    User-added image

  • Change Unable to Upload screen verbiage
    User-added image

  • Added previous upload date to dashboard for exams with multiple downloads available
    User-added image

  • Updated Forgot Password link on lab devices

  • Updated SAML registration to ensure similar functionality on all authentication screens

Services Improvements

  • Updated exam recovery behavior to improve exam resume after mid-exam restart

  • Prevent users from downloading exam with former student ID (Only applicable to New Portal)

  • Updated security service to prevent exam timeouts

  • Updated Virtual Machine checks to prevent false Virtual Machine errors

  • Resolved Internal Inconsistency error on Mac devices

  • Updated exam file to ensure Exam Taker name is valid and updated upon upload

  • Updated security service to allow user access to shutdown/restart button on Windows 10 1809