If you are only printing in monochrome, then use SmartPrint_BW_Printer and release it on any printer not labeled as a color Smart Print printer. If you try to release a print job that was sent via SmartPrint_BW_Printer printer driver and then use release station attached to color printer, the release station will display an error and prevent you from printing your print job. If that happens, then you will need to find a release station attached to monochrome printer.

If you are going to print in color and/or monochrome, then use SmartPrint_Color_Printer print definition in your application and then release the job at release station attached to a color Smart Print printer.

If you don't have Smart Print client installed on you computer and on SCU-Student WiFi, then use My Print Center to release your print job to any printer on campus.

See current SCU Smart Print printing costs