It is highly recommended you watch the video above, or try scheduling a test meeting to go through the features ahead of time before doing this in class.

There are two ways you can access Zoom. Either through a link, or if you are a host through the SCU portal. If you have hosted the meeting, login into the SCU portal at

Click on Zoom.

Click on Zoom.

If you have multiple meetings, start the meeting you'd like to launch

Join by computer audio when prompted.

Here is the breakdown of Zoom's features in regards to the toolbar below the screen. For a more in-depth look, please watch the video above.

Mute (Microphone icon) - You access settings to test the audio in the room. Please watch the video above to learn how to do so. When there is a bouncing green level, it indicates that there is microphone audio in the room.

Video - You can stop the video at any time by clicking it.

Manage Participants - You can see the participants in the room.

Share - You can share your screen with the users in the Zoom room.

Chat - This is text chat. This is great when people want to ask questions during the meeting. 

End Meeting - This will end the Zoom meeting.