For the handful of Mac OS users that still have El Capitan (10.10) or Yosemite (10.11), you must update to the latest Mac OS update ( Catalina version 10.15) before your Spring 2020 finals. If your computer is fully backed up using Apple Time Machine ; have  at least 25 gigabytes of free space on your hard drive; and your computer is up to specs for a Catalina upgrade, then make that move to Catalina.

Issue (Student): I used my notebook last semester with El Capitan or Yosemite and Law Tech folks helped me install a version of Examplify that still ran on El Capitan and Yosemite. Now, when I run Examplify again, I get this weird run time error. Why is this happening and how do I re-install Examplify 2.0.2 on my macbook that still run El Capitan (or Yosemite)?

Resolution: Even if Examplify was re-installed and you have select to SNOOZE for 48 hours before updating, Examplify will still try to update to the latest version automatically. Thus, when you run Examplify (the newly update version), it will throw up an weird execution error. To resolve this, then simply follow these instructions.

STEP 1 - Search for (and verify) Examplify_2.0.2_mac.dmg
If you have been helped by Law Technology in the past, then Examplify_2.0.2_mac.dmg file may still be on your computer. Search your Desktop or Downloads folder. If you can't find it, then download it here.

STEP 2 - Find Examplify app in the Applications folder and move it to trash
The current Examplify app has probably been updated to the latest version automatically, and that is why it is showing you the run time error. You need to trash it before your re-install Examplify 2.0.2

STEP 3 - Open Examplify_2.0.2_mac.dmg and then run Examplify_SIGNED.pkg to run the installer

STEP 4 - Click "continue" and "OK" as many times to finish the installation. After Examplify 2.0.2 installer has finished installing, it will run Examplify 2.0.2 to finish the setup.
A. You will need to scroll through the EULA to acknowledge it.

B. If you have used Examplify 2.0.2 on your computer before, then your Examsoft user registrations are saved so it may just ask you for an update prompt. if so, STOP and go to step C below. However, if you are prompted for an institutional ID, then enter sculaw. If prompted for your user credentials, then you will need to enter your 11-digit ID and your Examsoft portal registration password.

C. Once the registration process is successful, it may ask for how you want to update. Select SNOOZE 48 Hours. Now, it will open the Examplify console. You can now download your exam file template and follow your exam instructions.

STEP 5 - If you run into the run time error again after a few days, then repeat steps 1-4 above.