SCU Guest SmartPrint Printing

  1. Launch our Guest Smart Print login windows from,
  2. From the Guest User login page, click on "I am a guest"
  3. Enter your "personal information" and when done, click on "Create"
  4. Log into "My Print Center", locate the "upload button" and select your print job,
  5. On the far right side by the print button, locate the search window,
  6. From the search window, type "Charney" then select the closet printer to you,
  7. When ready, click on "Print",
  8. Confirm payment amount & total print jobs,
  9. Click on Confirm,
  10. Go to Smart Print release station.

NOTE: When you print from MyPrintCenter, your print job will output directly to the printer without using the SmartPrint release station.

Need to Add more print money?

1. On the lower left side Payment method, click on "Add Funds"

2. Enter the total amount and click on "I agree to pay the amount above" and click on "Continue to Payment",

3. Select "PayPal" login & password if you already have an account or create new account,

4. If you selected "New Account", click on Payment methods, enter your Credit/Debit card info,

5. Click on "Pay Now",

6. Click on "Return to The President & Board of Trustees of Santa Clara College" to return to main screen.

7. Add funds window will display for the amount added into your "My Print Center".