If you plan to use your laptop computer for exams, then make sure you review,

Examsoft exam taking software laptop computer requirements

to determine if your current or future laptop computer meets the requirements to run Law School applications like the exam taking software, Examplify.

Educational Discounts

SCU Law students are eligible for the standard discounts available by the computer manufacturer. Learn more about SCU student purchases here.

Support Warranties

When you purchase a laptop computer, we strongly recommend getting at least a 3 or 4 year warranty. We also recommend that you consider the "spill protection" add-on warranty, which cover drops, spills, and other mishaps that is not normally covered under a standard warranty. 

Please note that the Law Technology Help Desk, as mandated by the University, is not authorized to re-install OS software, do any data recovery, hardware upgrades (storage, RAM), etc.   If you have any hardware issues with your notebook, then we will help you with any initial diagnostics on your issue and then refer you to a local vendor to do any warranty repairs or recommended that you contact your laptop computer vendor.

*Minimum Specifications for computer laptops (2023-2024)


PC: 2.0+ Ghz or higher; Intel equivalent of i5, but recommended is i7 or higher (for distance learning apps like Zoom) 

Mac: same as PC above for 2018 - 2019 Intel based macs; Apple Silicon M1 or later is recommended; 2016 or older Mac are considered "vintage" and may be under powered for the latest Examsoft taking software, Examplify.

*NOTE: ARM based CPU will not run Examsoft exam taking software

**NOTE: Linux OS, Chrome OS, or Android OS is not supported by Examsoft's exam taking software

Operating System 

Windows: 10 full version or later to Windows 11 22H2

Mac OS: Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura


8 Gigabytes (GB); 16 GB or more is highly recommended

Local Storage

256 - 512 Gigabytes (GB); 512 Gigabytes (GB) is recommended 


720p resolution; 1080p or higher is desirable

Other factors to consider...

  • Laptops are not "one size fits all." If you plan to be on campus for most of the day attending classes, then you will want to consider an ultra-portable laptop computer. However, if prefer a larger screen size and performance matters to you, then consider a business-grade laptop computer.
Performance/Screen Size
  • As mentioned above, smaller laptops are more portable but lack the screen real estate. Bigger laptops may have larger screens, but have lower battery life. The average screen size that most students prefer is 13 or 14 inches for ultra-portable laptops and for business-grade type laptops, 15 inches.  As for performance, buy as much as you can afford, but take in consideration your daily workload and work style.
Battery life
  • The choice depends on your style of work. Modern laptops have an average battery life of at least 7-12 hours.

Standard features

  • Modern laptop computers are equipped with built-in Bluetooth, WiFI, and webcams. Make sure to check your next laptop has these features because remote learning will require all of these standard features.

Special Note on iPads & Tablets

Please note that Apple iPads & Android tablets are not supported during law school exams.