Every semester, the Access Office provides 40 USD to every Law School Smart Print print funds account. If you are a Law faculty, staff and student, then you should get a 40 USD credit on your Smart Print printer funds. Some accounts will show 80 USD as both semesters will be credited. However, if you see no funds and get the "insufficient funds" warning, then you will need to immediately verify your 40 USD credit by emailing access@scu.edu and inquire why your account is showing zero or negative funds.

For example, if you start at "zero funds" and started printing documents, then "My Funds" should start showing negative Smart Print funds. When it reaches "-40," then the "insufficient funds" warning will show up. Again, you will want to verify your current account state by emailing access@scu.edu to get your current SmartPrint account balance.

Please refer to SCU Technology page here on getting your refund.