Law Student: I've recently graduated from SCU LAW and want to have my own personal copy of Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365. How do I uninstall the EDU version of Office 365 and install the latest version commercial version of Micrsoft 365?


NOTE: Once you have graduated from SCU. Your Office EDU version (SCU Licensed version) will start to degrade its feature set as soon as 30 days after your graduation date. SCU will begin process of categorizing you from a registered student (@scu) to a SCU Alumni ( Once this happens, SCU/Microsoft support for Office 365 EDU will end.

Here's what we recommend that you do to make sure you transition to commercial version of Microsoft 365

1. Back up your data first. You will need to back up files to a local disk or some other online storage area if your Office data files are located in Office EDU account, i.e. Office 365 EDU One Drive.

2. Review and check out, Microsoft Support - Uninstall Office for Mac, to make sure to completely uninstall Office 365 EDU from your computer.

3. Review your subscription options by visiting, Microsoft 365, and then purchase the commercial product that best suits your needs. Install instructions will be sent to you after you have made your purchase.