We're excited that you will be joining the Law School Community soon and congratulate you on being accepted to Santa Clara University School of Law. 

If you did not receive a notification email from Santa Clara University by mid July, then please contact SCU Onestop at 408-551-1000. If your eCampus password is not working or needs to be reset, then contact the main University IT Services at 408-554-5700.

For first year and transfer students, it is important to note that you must be in good standing with the University before your academic accounts can be created. Make sure to follow up with the Office of Registrar and/or seek the help of SCU Law School Student services. 

Before you even set foot on campus, you can get most of your online tools configured and ready....

So, if you didn't receive an email notification in your personal email address detailing how to access your newly created eCampus account, then immediately contact SCU OneStop 408-554-1000 or visit their SCU OneStop site.
So you've gotten the email notification from SCU about your eCampus account...

1. Go online, login into eCampus. Use your eCampus userid and initial password. NOTE: If your initial password does not work, then contact SCU IT Computing Services for assistance and/or reset your eCampus password.

2. It is important that you change your eCampus password once you are able to login with your eCampus UserID and initial password. Also, test your new password by logging out and then logging back in using your newly created eCampus password. You can review the eCampus login help page.

3. You now gather the important information needed to setup your MySCU (student portal), Official SCU Email address, Learning Management System (Camino) account, Zoom portal, etc.

Review the section "Gmail login help," step 4 of the eCampus login help page and gather your SCU Electronic Info.

SCU Electronic info, i.e network resource account that allows you to setup MySCU portal, access your official SCU email, Camino portal, Zoom portal, etc.
You successfully logged into eCampus, changed your eCampus password, and gathered your SCU Electronic info (aka network account credentials). You can now login/setup your MySCU portal so you can access all the applications that you need for classes, in-person or remote.

1. Visit, MySCU Portal single sign-on page, https://www.scu.edu/login

2. Enter your network account ID and intial password that was gathered from eCampus. MySCU portal will ask you to change your password and also setup up other security measures. Once you have successfully logged into MySCU portal, you can check out,

Google Workspace Suite (Official SCU Email)

SCU Office 365 (License version MS Office 365 for EDU)

Camino (Class/Course materials)

Courseavail (Class/Course schedule planner)

EAAccounts (Access Office)

3. Set Up SCU two-factor authentication, Duo 2FA, as you will need this security layer to access many SCU network resource services and online applications (Workday for students).
You are well on your way to your first day of Law School. Please keep in mind that if you need help with any Santa Clara University network accounts like eCampus, MySCU, Camino, Duo, etc. then,

visit SCU Technology Page first
or call 408-554-5700

Also, the Law Technology help desk is here to help you as well, but we cannot reset any SCU network accounts. However, you can always create a ticket at lawhelpdesk.scu.edu or call 408-554-5762

But wait, there's more...

Bonus installs at the end of Preparing for Orientation Part I. See Part II as well.