Examsoft Examplify. To install Examsoft Examplify, follow the steps below.

Examsoft University reference page, Installing and Registering Examsoft Examplify

1. Verify to see if you can log into your Examsoft Exam taker portal to verify that your 11-Digit ID and password still works.

      Visit https://ei.examsoft.com/GKWeb/login/sculaw

      In the Exam Taker's login section, enter your 11-Digit Student ID and then your password.

      If you successfully access your Examsoft Exam taker user portal, then proceed to Step 3.


              NOTE: If you cannot log into your exam taker user portal page, then click on the link "Lost 11-digit Student ID and Password" to initiate a password recovery.

2. While still in your exam taker portal page, select the "download" button to download the latest Examplify install file.

*alternative download site for Examplify, click here.

4. Install Examplify

Double click on the Examplify install file (e.g. Examplify_1.10_win.exe) in either the 'Downloads' window folder or from where you chose to save the file.

If you don't have the files that Examplify needs, then Examplify will download and install some files first. Click "Install" to download/install these install files.

Click "Next" to begin the installation process.


Click on the box next to "Launch Examplify" and then click on "Finish."

Agree to the license agreement by scrolling down and then click on "I Agree."


After installation, enter your Institution ID ( which is sculaw ) and then select the "Santa Clara University School of Law.." from the pull down menu


Register and add your local user account. Your User ID is the 11-Digit Student ID and then your password.

If you have exams to download, then refresh the Exam List and download them. 

NOTE: Always run the secured Mock Exam (password is bronco5) to get familiar with how Examplify works and to see if you have any issues before your exam mid-terms and/or finals.