If on campus or connected through VPN, then you can visit, https://vmail.scu.edu/inbox/ and use your SCU network ID (SCU Email address minus the @scu.edu) and password. You can also reset your PIN via this portal. Also, if you need to customize your Vmail while you work from home, then check out video below.

Retrieving voicemail from your phone

From Off-Campus:

  1. Dial (408) 551-3333
  2. Press the * key (Shift+8)
  3. Enter your 4 digit Extension
  4. Press # (Shift+3) Enter your password
  5. Gets your messages immediately

This link is a good "How to Guide"


Retrieving voicemail from the SCU Portal

You can check voicemail via your computer using their SCU Portal login username/password at "https://vmail.scu.edu/inbox/".  Within the "https://vmail.scu.edu/inbox/" page, people can also enable email notification within "Settings > Notification Devices > View Notification Devices > HTML".