Information Services has identified a few instances where University systems have different password requirements. We are closing these gaps and applying standardized password rules where possible. You will not need to change your password as a result of these changes.

One of the changes we are implementing is an account lock-out feature when a wrong password is entered multiple times within a very short time period. We are standardizing on a 5 attempt, 10 minute lock out. This means if you enter your password incorrectly five times in a row, your account will be locked out for 10 minutes. Once you enter your password correctly, the counter will "reset".

We are implementing this change in order to reduce the possibility that an attacker can "brute-force" or keep guessing your account password. While we expect very few will be impacted by this, in the event that your account is locked out and you can't wait 10 minutes, the Technology Help Desk at (408) 554-5700 (x5700 on campus) can assist you in unlocking your account.

Thank you,

Information Security Office


Please NOTE: Once the lockout occurs, it will log you out of all devices associated with your SCU Gmail account, i.e. SCU Gmail on your mobile phone. Once the lockout time has lapsed, then you can re-login into your all devices using your SCU Gmail account. University IT manages all accounts so if you need to reset or have a question about your various network accounts, then click on this link. For eCampus, click here.