During in-class exams, we highly recommend that you use SCU-Student network that is more secure and the quality of service (QoS) is rated much higher than SCU-Guest. If your only connection on campus at the time of uploading your exam is SCU-Guest (even after restarting your computer), then it should be OK to use SCU-Guest. An Internet connection is needed at the beginning to acknowledge your version of Examplify and only at the end of the exam when you are uploading your exam answer.

End of Exam Procedure: When you have ended your exam and Examplify attempted to upload your exam, but your computer couldn't find your original WiFi network (i.e. SCU-Student), it may warn you that it could not upload your exam. You can wait until you see that your WiFi connection is active and retry uploading your answer file.

However, we highly recommend that you:

1.  Restart your computer per the Proctor's instructions. 

2. Log back into your computer, verify that SCU-Student is working for you.

3. Run Examplify again to retry uploading your exam answer file.

If you still run into an issue, then raise your hand and a law tech staff will come and try to assist you.