Study and Conference Room Policy

As of  April 2019, Charney Hall study rooms will remain locked 24/7 and only current law school faculty, staff and students will be authorized to unlock study room doors. These are the rooms that will remain locked:  211, 212, 217, 314, 315, 325, 336, 337, and 338.

The chip in an ACCESS card must be encoded to unlock doors in Charney Hall. You can stop by the information desk on the first floor during regular business hours to verify your ACCESS card is working.  In the evenings and on weekends, the encoder is at the Library Information Desk on the second floor.  

Library staff can let you into a study room if you do not have your ACCESS card.  For students, their patron record will first be checked to verify they are indeed a law student.  ACCESS cards for May graduates expire August 1st so grads studying for their first bar exam will not be affected by this new policy.