SCU Network Resources

Important network resources (and terms) that all law students should be familiar with and will use on a daily basis.

Santa Clara University Academic and Information Technology – a.k.a. University IT or Central IT. This department provides and supports a wide range of network resources for the entire campus and manages all aspects of Santa Clara University's network infrastructure.

eCampus – This is the student registration and administration portal where you can update and/or retrieve information on items like your Anonymous Grading ID ( AGID, aka Exam ID, BGID), registration information, personal information, tuition payment, etc.

Student Access ID – This ID number is assigned to you as a registered student at Santa Clara University. You will need your Student Access ID to access eCampus, usually in the format of W00000123456, where 00000123456 is your Student Access ID or 11-Digit ID

11-digit ID - also know as your Student Access ID. You will need your 11-digit ID to access your personal Examsoft registration portal to check exam submissions, upload take-home exams, and/or download exam taking software install files, if need be.

SCU Network ID – This your SCU Networking user account, i.e. your official SCU G-Suite email address minus the “” For example, the SCU Network ID for is RGinsburg. You will need your SCU Network ID to log into MySCU login, Safe Connect portal, etc.

MySCU – This is the single sign-on portal to access SCU Google Suite Apps , Zoom, and Camino.

Camino (Canvas) – Santa Clara University’s Learning Management System where you can access course information, assignments, and links to class recordings.

SCU Google Suite Apps – Santa Clara University’s official suite of online products used to communicate and collaborate with the University community, i.e. Google Email, Google Drive, etc.

SCU WiFi – Santa Clara University’s wireless network provides authenticated users (registered students, faculty, and staff) access to network resources and secured by Safe Connect.

Network Access Control – Wireless/Wired network security access control (ClearPass ONGuard) provided by and managed by Santa Clara University’s Information Technology and Information Security. NAC checks to see if you have an approved anti-virus software and your operating system is up to date.

Campus Printing – Santa Clara University provides registered students with Smart Print, Smart Print Guest Printing, and Smart Print Mobile Printing for all your printing needs.