About the Study/Conference Rooms

The study and conference rooms are small meeting rooms located in Charney Hall. These meeting spaces are equipped with technology to allow you to connect your laptop or Apple Device in the classrooms. There are also video conference capabilities with your laptop connected in the room. 

To see what rooms are available for reservations, navigate to www.scu.edu/rooms. You will need your SCU login to reserve a room.

For the operation of most rooms, please see the following:

Display your presentation: This will either be a LCD screen or a short throw projector if you are in 211. Connect your laptop using either the HDMI or VGA cable in the room. Press the play button the laptop is connected to until it turns blue. This will power on the screen. There are no desktop computers in the room and you will need to provide your own laptop.

Audio: There are speakers in the room. When your laptop is connect by HDMI, you will need to select HDMI in your laptop settings as the audio output source. If you are using VGA, you will need to connect the audio cable found connect to the VGA cable in the room.

Video Conferencing: You can connect the USB cable found on the table to use the camera and microphone in the room for video conferencing purposes. Connecting the cable will allow it to use it with your preferred video conferencing software (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc). Select Extron Mediaport in your software’s camera and microphone settings. For audio, select Extron HDMI if connected by HDMI or your normal soundcard audio output if connected by VGA/Headphone Jack. 

If you are not familiar with Skype, please see this document.

Zoom - How do I schedule one?


Zoom - How do I open a link, use Zoom


Skype - How do I use Skype?


Apple TV: There is Apple TV found in each room which will allow you to connect your Apple Device to the screen in the room. Select Apple TV and search for the room name in your screen mirroring settings (if on iPad or iPhone) or your Airplay settings (if on a Apple Laptop). Enter the code displayed on the screen on your device to connect. Remember to disconnect from each using the same process when you are done. This does not work if you are connected to the SCU-Guest wireless network.

If you are not familiar with Apple TV. Please see the following document.

Volume control: You can control the overall volume in the room.

Power: There is power for your AC and USB devices in the room. If you have either, you can charge your laptop or USB device. We do not provide cables, and you will need to provide your own.

Conference Phones: You will need to reserve either 326, 339, or 338 as those are the only rooms with conference phone capabilities. There is already a phone in the those rooms. No international calls are allowed unless a request is put in prior as we would need to process that through University IT.