This is a standard classroom found in Charney Hall. 

Technology in the classroom:

Desktop PC and Mac

Wacom Screen

Laptop Connection (VGA, HDMI)

Apple TV

Blu-ray Player

Assistive Listening

2 microphones which are available for checkout

Classroom Capture

Video Conferencing

Ethernet Connection



Audio System

Power Outlets

Maximum: 50

How do I operate the equipment?

To power on the system, press the power button at the home screen. This will power on the system and lower the projection screen.


This will select the desktop you'd like to use in the classroom 


You are able to play Bluray or DVD discs. The Bluray Control screen will provide you with c ontrol for common functions such as play, rewind, fast-forward, and stop. 

Apple TV 

All our classrooms are equipped with Apple TV. Look for the room on your Apple Device then input the password on the projector screen to connect. 


VGA and HDMI connections are provided at the instructors podium. Select the one that connects to your laptop. 

Audio Control 

Control volume levels in the room. 

Camera Control 

This is used to control and adjust the camera for both classroom capture and video conferencing. The camera selected is what is used for capture. You can select between two cameras. Program 


Volume control for the entire classroom. 

Projector Mute 

This will blank out the projector. Tap to toggle on/off. 

Audio/Camera/Bluray/Apple TV Control 

This will show you the control options for each source.

Please remember to shut off the system after you are done using the room. This is done by tapping System Off. When prompted, please tap Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a computer?

  • Yes. You can find a PC and Mac in the room. Use your SCU login to log into the computer.

Can I connect my laptop to the projector?

  • Yes. You can use the HDMI or VGA cable in the room to connect your laptop to the projector.

Can I play DVDs?

  • Yes. You can use the Blu-ray player in the room to play DVDs or Blu-rays.

How do I use the Apple TV in the room ?

  • Please see this tutorial on how to connect your Apple device to Apple TV.

How do I schedule a class recording?

  • If you need a class recorded, please contact our help desk at or create a ticket with your class name, room, start and stop time at

How can I be trained on how to use the technology?

Where can I checkout a wireless microphone?

  • Wireless microphones are available at the library circulation desk on the second floor of Charney Hall. You will need your access card and classroom number to checkout the microphone.

How do I control the lights?

  • There is a light switch located in the classroom. It is usually located near the class entrance and looks like this. 

How do I control the shades?

  • The shades in the room are controlled manually using a pull down cable located by the shade.

How do I schedule the room for special events?

  • If you are looking at scheduling this room for a special event, please contact the Dean’s Office.

What is assistive listening?

  • Assistive listening is a device that allows those of hard of hearing to hear what the instructor is saying in the room. It’s a set of headphones tied to a receiver in the room. If you have students that are hard of hearing and need to use this device, please contact us at or create a ticket at There is a limit of two devices per room.

Who do I contact if I run into issues?

What are your support hours?

  • Please see our website for our current support hours.

How do I change the temperature in the room?

  • There is no thermostat in the room. If you need the temperature adjusted in the room, please send a request to

How can I stream an outside speaker into my class?

  • Zoom or Skype would allow you to bring a remote guest speaker into your class. Please see the following on how to do so. If you would like training, please contact us at or create a ticket at

Anything special about this room I should know?

  • There are movable tables and chairs in the room which allow you to configure the classroom how you would like.

Are there power outlets in the room for students?

  • Yes.