Non Touch Panel
Touch Panel

Study/Conference Room will have either a touch panel or non touch panel in the room.

Select the cable that connects to your laptop. HDMI and VGA cables are provided in the room. If you are using the VGA connection, there is an additional audio cable to connect your laptop to the speakers in the room. This is not needed for the HDMI cable. The USB cable is used to connect to the camera in the room for video conferencing using Skype/Zoom/etc.

After connecting your laptop. Press the play button on the cable you have connected. It will turn blue to indicate it is receiving a signal and will power on the system.

There are other controls located on this panel in the room.

  • You can power on/off the display. 
  • Control the volume.
  • Select if you'd like to use the Apple TV in the room. Using your Apple device, search for the Apple TV in the room using AirPlay. Each room will indicate which Apple TV to search for. Once connected, the screen will show the password you will need to input on your device to connect to the room.
  • Mute the audio in the room.

Select your laptop connection if multiple laptops are connected to toggle between them.

Please remember to turn off the system when you are done.