Sometimes when you have been using another Office 365 account on your mac, the activation gets corrupted and when you open an Office app, it will show you this,

University IT help should be able to reset your account if you cannot get into your Office portal account. Contact the IT helpdesk at 408-554-5700 or email them at

You can also contact Microsoft Support for Office 365 at 800-642-7676 or 877-6967786

Verify your current Office 365 EDU account by visiting and using the credentials that you created the SCU/Office 365 EDU account, i.e. SCU email address and the password used at the time of creating this Office 365 portal account.
Check your subscription is valid. Go to your account information and check the subscriptions.
If your subscription and license checks out, then sign out via an Office app like Word. 
Go to the top menu, select Go
Then select Go to Folder

then at the prompt, type ~/Library/

CMD, SHIFT and . (period) keys together

search for Group Containers 

and these files

and move them to Trash.

Sign in again to activate your Office 365 EDU desktop applications using your SCU credentials.