If you are going to be graduating and/or transitioning out of your current role as the main contact for your student organization's delegated inbox. You will need to make sure you contact Student Services to get approval on adding/deleting membership to your delegated inbox.  You will then create a ticket by emailing techdesk@scu.edu

If you are the new primary contact (caretaker) for your student organization delegated inbox and need to add/delete members, then you need to contact Law School student services to get approval first, and then create a ticket by emailing techdesk@scu.edu . New members will get an email notification to join your student organization's delegated inbox. 


Delegated mailboxes are administered by Information Technology solely 

What does that mean?
If you need to add/remove individual members from your delegated mailbox, you'll need to contact the IT Help Desk (techdesk@scu.edu) in order to make those specific modifications.

Who can make requests to add/remove members from your delegated mailbox?
Please note: If your current SCU affiliation is a "student" - please ensure you cc'd your staff/faculty sponsor when making requests for changes/modifications to your delegated mailbox (as this will greatly expedite your requests).

Where can I go for additional support?

Even more information?