If you select SmartPrint_BW_Printer printer driver and release your job on the new HP Smart Print printers in Charney, then it will only print single-sided only. However, printing via MyPrintCenter to the HP monochrome printers in Charney will work just fine. Make sure to select double-sided.

If you need to print double-sided to the new HP Smart Print printers in Charney using your computer running Mac OS, then your options are:

Upload your document to MyPrint Center, select double-sided, and then select the nearest Charney B&W HP Smart Print printer.


Install the Supplemental B&W HP Printer driver for Mac OS. Follow the instructions below.

Visit the download page for Smart print drivers and download the supplemental driver for HP printers.


After SmartPrint_BW_HP_Printer.dmg has been downloadeddouble-click SmartPrint_BW_HP_Printer.dmg to unpack the Install file and then run PopUp9.0.10.pkg

Next, enable the duplex feature by going to upper left corner ... Apple | System Preferences | Printers & Scanners | Options & Supplies
Select the Options tab and check the box next to Duplexer. Click OK.
Now that you new Smart Print HP B&W printer driver (SmartPrint_HP_BW_Printer) is installed, you can select the SmartPrint_BW_Printer definition in our list and delete it. You should now only have two Smart Print printer definitions,


Use your new Smart Print HP printer definition in your application
Now in your application, select SmartPrint_BW_HP_printer and make sure to Two-sided drop is enabled.

NOTE: If you decide to select "OFF" on the Two-Sided drop down menu, then you will print single sided only.

Enter your network ID/Username and then "Print"