This is a complete walkthrough on how to hold your class online using Zoom. If you haven’t watched the last two Zoom videos, I encourage you to please do so as they will help reinforce some concepts that I will be going through here.


How to schedule a Zoom Meeting –


How do I open a link, use Zoom -


There are two ways you can hold class using Zoom. You can either schedule a meeting within Zoom or provide students with your Zoom meeting id and link. To find your Personal Meeting ID and link, once you are logged into Zoom through the SCU portal, click on Profile.

As of 8/31, it is recommended that you integrate Zoom Pro on your Camino page and schedule classes that way. To see how -


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I’d recommend that you share this information with your students on your Camino page. One of the benefits of using the personal meeting ID and URL is that you don’t need to constantly schedule a meeting for each class. For example, if I taught two classes that met on different dates and times, I would send those classes this URL and inform them that I will be at that link at our regularly scheduled class time. Think of it as your own personal meeting room.


You still have the option to schedule meetings if you wish but if you are conducting multiple online classes, this will save you some time in creating meetings.


When you hold your session, you will either access your personal URL or the URL generated from the Google Invite you’ve generated when scheduling.


I’ve scheduled my Zoom class, now what?


At the beginning of your class, you will open the Zoom link you sent to your students. You can do this in a browser.

Next, you will Join by computer audio when prompted. It is recommended that you practice a session before your first class and go through the "Test speaker and microphone" prompts that will walk you through testing your audio. Zoom has a handy video to see how this looks like -


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You will then see the following screen. I already have a tutorial that covers the toolbar so instead, I’m going to address the scenarios I’ve been receiving.


How do I show my PowerPoint?

You will open your PowerPoint on the computer you are using before or after you launch your Zoom call (the order doesn’t matter). From there once your PowerPoint is open, you’ll then be able to share your screen and select PowerPoint. This will share your PowerPoint with the class. You can full screen but know that Zoom will still always be the main window on top, although you can minimize the size of it. 

If you have dual monitors, please see the following -

How do I interact with my class?

There is a feature that allows a student to raise their hand while attending the Zoom session. You will see the student raise their hand indicated by the blue hand icon over the participant. If you are sharing your screen, you will also see a notification appear that will have the name of the participant and that they have raised their hand. Once they have raised their hand, you can address any questions they may have. They can either ask in the chat or since more than likely they will have a webcam on their laptop (most laptops do), they can ask verbally.

Screenshot from YouTube. This is from the student side. They can raise or lower their hand. As the host, you do not see the raise/lower hand button, only that they have raised their hand. 

Zoom goes a little more in-depth into their chat capabilities here. But the above recommendation should cover most scenarios -

How do I see who is in the room (Participants)?

Clicking on Participants will allow you to see who is in the room. This is found in the toolbar. 

How many participants does Zoom support?

You can have up to 300 participants. This covers the majority of our law classes.

How do I record my Zoom?

Just click the record button during the Zoom and select "Cloud". This will record your Zoom in the cloud during the meeting and you will be emailed a link after your Zoom is ended. Please allow 15-30 minutes to receive the link. You can then post that link on Camino.

The best way to learn Zoom is to practice. If you'd like to practice with one of us, please feel free to contact Law Technology 

Create a ticket at:

Call our helpdesk at:


Also, visit the University's Teaching Online Guide