As of March 9, 2020, SCU has announced that all classes will now be online and have banned face-to-face meetings. Starting March 16, 2020, Charney Hall classrooms will only be used by faculty, adjuncts, and/or lecturers to create and/or conduct online content. Please practice social distancing if you do visit Charney and do not enter any Charney Hall classrooms until the ban has been lifted. 

*As of March 17, 2020, SCU has communicated to all students that SCU will limit access to all campus buildings for the Shelter in place order until 7/7/2020. This order may be extended so stay tuned.  

When your professor has communicated to you that your class will be conducted via Zoom Web Conferencing (ZWC), they will most likely post the ZWC meeting invite via Camino (Canvas Learnin Management System). Once you have the ZWC invite/meeting link and instructions, click on the link or use the meeting ID to join the online class. Make sure that you sound is muted and listen to your professor for instructions at the begining of class. There will be a steep learning curve for the first few online sessions so please be patient with your peers and your professor.

If you don't have the Zoom Web Conferencing client on your laptop computer, then no worries. Once you click on the meeting link, it will prompt you to download the Zoom client. However, we highly recommend that you set up your laptop computer with ZWC client, before your online class. Once your laptop computer has the ZWC client, then you are set to join any online class meeting hosted by your professor and/or your study group. Also, we've made a tutorial just for law students, Zoom for SCU LAW students . Be kind to one another and we'll get through this!

For more information on Zoom Web Conferencing, read it on SCU's Zoom Web Conferencing site.