For all SCU LAW alums, we wish you the best of luck on your upcoming bar exams. We've prepared a special laptop prep video just for you, but it also can help our current SCU LAW students prepare for their upcoming exams as well. Best of Luck!

It is recommended that you get your computer in order several weeks before your scheduled exam takes place. You’ll want to minimize common issues most test-takers encounter before their scheduled exam. Law Technology recommends that you do the following.

Run all Operating System (OS) updates. This is important. Some students on an exam restart, have gotten hung up on a system update that cannot be canceled. Make sure your computer is up to date. In addition...

Have you restarted your computer lately? We have found that the majority of students do not restart their computer for weeks, even months! It is important to restart your computer at least once a week. Most exam issues have been resolved with a computer restart, which could have been avoided entirely if the computer had already been restarted beforehand.

Update to the latest exam taking software version. Have the latest update installed for your exam software. If there is a new update, it will notify you upon launch. 

Check the permission settings for Examplify with Exam ID and Exam Monitor feature enabled. If the Office of Assessment has notified you that your remote (scheduled) close book exam will be using Exam ID and Exam Monitor feature of Examplify, then make sure to review what Exam ID and Exam Monitor our FAQ and check your permissions.

Run the mock exam.  After successfully registering and installing Examplify, the most important thing you want to do is run the mock exams provided to you. There are different mock exams ranging from open book, to secure, etc. Each exam sets up your computer up differently, so make sure to run them all. 

Check to make sure your have enough local storage. If you have not taken an audit of your data files, then do so before your first exam. We recommend having at least 25 Gigabytes or more free. If you have download a bunch of extraneous files (PDFs, install files, etc.), then back them up (or delete them if not needed) to an external source and save yourself the headache. For older computers, you need to provide as much local storage to allow the CPU to use the local disk as a temporary cache area so the more local storage the better. 

Before you take your exam, you'll want all unnecessary applications closed. These include streaming apps like Spotify, any email applications, etc. These applications take resources on your computer and even though Examplify will close them for you, it's best to do it ahead of time.

Let's face it, Examsoft loves to update their software, Examplify. Learn how to troubleshoot that Virtual Machine error after a routine Examplify update on your Windows computer.

Learn the power of clearing your web browser cache. You might not know it, but clearing the cache on your web browser will help to resolve those upload/download issues with take-home exams. Check out our FAQ here to learn how.

Write or print out important exam information. For remote exams, make sure to have your anonymous grading ID (AGID); Examsoft portal credentials (11-digit ID and password); resume codes for each exam; and exam instructions near by and ready.

Avoid large copy/cut and paste actions during your exams. Examplify already takes up a lot of memory and doing a large cut and past action during your exam may cause Examplify to have performance issues, which may cause Examplify to freeze up. Use your best judgement on how to copy/cut and paste manageable chunks, preferably 1 page (about 250 words) or less, to avoid the dreaded application freeze. Otherwise, you need to recover from a frozen screen.
Learn how to recover from a frozen screen during an exam. As frightening as that sounds, Examplify does have a mechanism to recover itself in the event that the application freezes up.  Review our FAQ on how to do that process

Seek out support well in advance.  Examsoft also provides 24/7 support as well so reach out to Examsoft as they are the best source for resolving your issues. Be forewarned, Examsoft does up take up to 48 hours to get back to you. If your computer is having hardware issues and still under warranty, then contact your computer vendor (or your local authorized repair shop) asap and have it repaired. You can also reach out to Law Technology at