Per the Academic Operations and Assessment's final reminder email:

"ExamID/Monitor will now only be used on closed-book, secured computer exams. Each student should still be equipped with the necessary hardware (webcam/mic), but this hardware will only be utilized for closed book exams or for our technical staff in the event of an exam emergency.  Students with closed books exams, this information will come in a separate email.  For now, as long as you are running Examplify 2.7.x or above, and successfully upload the mock exam on that, you are good to go! "

UPDATE: For Spring 2022, Exams will not be using Exam ID and Exam Monitor features.

Examsoft also has a detailed information and a video outlining everything that you need to know about Exam ID and Exam Monitor feature of Examplify. Please review Examsoft's support FAQs below. 

Details on Examplify with Exam ID and Exam Monitor

Video format : Exam ID and Exam Monitor from the Student Perspective

Also, you will need to setup Exam ID permissions for Windows or Mac