Zoom is a video conferencing service that is used by SCU. It has become commonplace recently with the surge in remote instruction and the need to teach remotely. Aside from holding your class, you can record your class to the cloud to make available to students for review or those that cannot attend.

Here are some common questions we receive regarding Zoom.

Update (7/13/2020): Please see our new video series regarding Zoom.

01 - Logging Into Zoom

02 - Scheduling Meetings

03 - Cloud Recordings

04 - Navigating a Zoom Meeting

05 - Virtual Backgrounds

06 - Breakout Rooms

07 - Polling

Is Zoom secure?

Please see SCU’s statement on Zoom Security. It goes into depth regarding all the security questions that have come up as of late. The short answer is yes. It is endorsed by the University. 

Do I have a Zoom account?

Yes. Every SCU user is provided with a Zoom account. It is located in the MySCU Portal.

What specifics should I know regarding a Zoom meeting?

Zoom supports up to 300 participants for an unlimited amount of time. When logged into your Zoom account, you will schedule a meeting that is password protected by default. Password protection can be toggled on or off, but it is recommended that you leave it on. After scheduling your meeting, Zoom will provide you with all the information needed to share with others.

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting?

Please see the following tutorial on how to schedule a Zoom meeting.

How do I use Zoom, open a Zoom link?

Please see the following tutorial. 

How does one run a class using Zoom? Record my class?

Please see our guide. While this is one scenario, your needs may differ. It is recommended that you hold some test Zoom sessions and figure out how you would like to pace your content and class.

My recordings are password protected? Can I change this?

Yes. You can. Please see the following tutorial.

How can I schedule office hours in Zoom?

Waiting rooms are ideal for virtual office hours. We have a guide here.

I recorded to the cloud but haven’t received my recording notification. What should I do?

Check the recordings tab located in Zoom through the MySCU Portal. Sometimes those notifications end up in spam. You can always see all your cloud recordings there.

Can Zoom be integrated into Camino?

Yes. There are two documents that explain how that can be enabled.

Getting Started with Zoom and Camino Integration

Advanced Features

Do we have the webinar option?

We do not. Your current Zoom account should meet all your needs.

What are the best practices for holding large classes/meetings in Zoom?

We have created a guide going over the best Zoom functions to become familiar with.

Can I use my account for personal Zoom calls?

Yes you can.

How long do recordings last?

While there has been no official announcement from the University. It is indefinite.

Do you have any SCU Law zoom virtual backgrounds I could use?

Yes. Here are six you can use.