Virtual Backgrounds can be enabled within your Zoom settings. Keep in mind that there are system requirements to use Zoom backgrounds.

Please see requirements here


There are two ways you can enable a virtual background within Zoom, before your meeting within the Zoom settings, or during your meeting.

Download the desktop app if you'd like to set your virtual background ahead of time. 


If you have already downloaded Zoom, launch the application and login into your account using SSO.

For your company domain, it's

This will take you to login with your SCU account.

Once logged in, click on the gear on the top right-hand corner.

Within settings, select Virtual Background. You can select the background that are provided in Zoom or click on the + button to select a photo on your computer to use as a virtual background.

You may be prompted to download Virtual Backgrounds if Zoom does not see any backgrounds to choose from. These are the stock backgrounds that are included in the program.

Make sure that I have a green screen and Mirror my video are both unchecked as well.

Within a meeting, you can enable Virtual Backgrounds here. It will bring you to the same settings above.