We have been receiving requests asking what camera or microphone equipment is best when using video conferencing solutions such as Zoom.

While most will be fine with the default camera and microphone built into your laptop, you may want to upgrade the quality of both if you find it less than ideal.

Here are some suggestions at various price points. Please note that with the current COVID situation, many folks are inflating prices to take advantage of low inventory. We have added what the standard price is for each piece of equipment.

Update (7/9/2020): Some folks have inquired about other brands outside of what we recommend. Since equipment is hard to come by, the best advice we can give if you are ordering from someplace like Amazon is to dive into the user reviews. There are off brands that do work well but since there are so many, user reviews will help you decide on your purchase.


Logitech has always been the standard when it comes to webcams. You can’t go wrong with the following models. The big difference in the most expensive webcam, is a quality increase in video and especially in audio. The c615 provides the best value though, and will still be a substantial increase.

Logitech c615 Webcam - $59.99


The webcams below have great microphone capabilities built-in. 

Logitech c922 Pro Stream Webcam - $99


Logitech StreamCam Plus (USB-C only) - $169.99



The best audio will be with a dedicated microphone. Quality does come at a higher cost though, so keep that in mind. A cheaper microphone will not necessarily give you a boost in audio quality. The following have been tested and recommended.

Blue Snowball Microphone - $69.99


Blue Yeti Microphone - $129.99


Elgato Wave:3 - $159.99



Logitech H390 - $24.99


There are some affordable USB headsets on Amazon and the majority have positive reviews. You will want to make sure that is is USB if you decide to purchase one. They are lower cost but it should still be an improvement with the microphone closer to your mouth. Here is an example of one with high reviews.

Mpow HC6 USB Headset - $35.99



We have no tested lighting in the office, but if you find you are in need of lighting, there are many options on Amazon. Once again it is recommended that you go by reviews for finding the best product. Here is an example of what you would be looking for.

If anything, you could even use something like a basic lamp to add more lighting in the room you are in. That would be the cheapest option.

Lume cube - $64.95