You can set up and start Zoom sessions from within courses in Camino. This will provide students enrolled in your Camino class a consistent, easy-to-find link to the video conference, and you can choose to automatically record the session for students to view afterwards on Camino. This is recommended for recording class sessions, review sessions, or required group discussions. This is not recommended for private, 1-on-1 individual video conferences.
For more information or assistance, please contact Camino Support (; 408-551-3572).



How to Add the Zoom Navigation Link to Your Camino Course

You’ll need to add the Zoom Pro navigation link to your Camino courses for you and students to access. 


Click on Settings on your course navigation bar for all courses you want to have the link


 Click on Navigation



Click and hold on Zoom Pro and drag it to the top 

(Note: Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the screen). 



How to Authorize Your Zoom Account in Camino 


  1. Once the Zoom link has been added to your course navigation bar, click on it to start the setup process. 
  2. Click Authorize. The first time you do this, you may be asked to authorize Zoom before you can use the tool. 

Zoom Authenticate_2.jpg














How to Schedule a New Zoom Meeting in Camino

  1. Click on the Zoom tab on your Camino course
  2. Click the “Schedule a New Meeting” button to display the settings page. Fill out the fields in the meeting settings. (Note: You can’t edit meeting details, so you’ll have to delete and recreate if you need to change anything.) 


  • Topic: The title of your meeting. This is visible to you and to students, and it will be the name of the video if you save it to the cloud. 
  • When: Select a date and time for the meeting
  • Duration: How long the meeting will be 
    • You can always start or end a meeting, but this will give your participants an idea about the length of the meeting.
  • Select ‘Recurring meeting’ if the meeting will occur more than once
  • Video for Host/Participant: Select whether you'd like you/your students' video to automatically be turned on or off when first logging in. 
  • Audio: Choose ‘Computer Audio’ to use your speaker and microphone or ‘Telephone’ to call in.


Set up the additional options.


  • Require meeting password: This setting is enabled automatically. 
  • Enable join before host: Allows students to join the session before you do. 
  • Mute Participants Upon Entry: Students’ microphones will be muted when they enter. 
  • Personal Meeting ID: You can choose to use your PMI, but this is not recommended for class Zoom meetings. Read more here
  • Enable Waiting Room for Office Hours: Students will be placed in a waiting room before they can speak with you. This is recommended if you want to speak with one student at a time for drop-in office hours. This is not recommended for a class Zoom meeting. 
  • Only authenticated users can join: Students must sign in with their SCU email before joining. Recommended to enable this. 
  • Record the Meeting Automatically: This will record your meeting to your computer or to the cloud. If you select Record to the Cloud, the video will automatically be added to your Class Recordings tab under My Recordings. You can then add it to the current class. See below for more information


Click Save to save your meeting settings


How to Start a Meeting on Zoom through Camino


Once your meeting is scheduled, you will need to start the meeting when it is time to begin. 


  1. Go to the course on Camino and click on the Zoom link on your course navigation bar
  2. Find the upcoming meeting
  3. Click Start to launch the meeting




 This will launch your Zoom session. 

How to Delete a Meeting on Zoom in Camino


  1. Click the Delete button next to the meeting to be deleted
  2. Click OK in the pop-up dialog to confirm that the meeting is to be deleted.


Students will be notified when you delete a Zoom session. (Note: Only the meeting creator can delete a meeting that has been created using the Zoom for Canvas tool.)


How to Record Meetings Directly to Camino/Class Recordings

During the Zoom session setup process, you can set your class recordings to directly appear in Camino under the Class Recordings tab so that you don’t need to download & upload them. This saves significant time and gives students a direct link to your Zoom recordings. To do this:  


Under Meeting Options, click “Record the meeting automatically” and select “In the cloud” when you set up your class session.

Click Save

When your Zoom session starts, make sure you see the Pause/Stop Recording on your Zoom interface to confirm it is recording. 

After your Zoom session is finished, go to Camino and click on the Class Recordings tab.

Find the name of the video session. 

(Note: It may take a while for the video to fully process.) 

Students will be able to view the video when it is finished processing. 

You can edit the video with the Settings, Share, or Edit options. You can view statistics on the Stats button, and you can (permanently) delete the video. See below for how to move the video to another folder.  



How to Move a Zoom Recording in Class Recordings Tab 

If you have a recording on the Class Recordings tab that you want to move to a different folder, follow these steps. This can be helpful for moving videos from your Spring 2020 class to your Fall 2020 class, for moving recordings from your personal folder to a class folder, or for removing student access to videos. To do this: 


Click on the Class Recordings tab. 


Click the dropdown menu to view all of your folders

Choose the folder that has the video you want to move. If the recording was not generated using Zoom on Camino, it will be in “My Folder”.

Select Media Recordings

Find the recording you want to move 

(Note: It might still be processing. You can still move a video while it is processing.) and click Settings.

By the Folder section, click Edit

Choose the Class and/or Folder where you want to move the Zoom Recordings TO. 

You’ll see the new folder name in the Folder section. Click Save.

Go to the Class Recordings tab on the Camino class where you moved the Zoom recording and confirm it is there. 



Can’t see the Zoom integration on Camino? 



If you click on the Zoom Pro navigation link and can’t see the Zoom integration on Camino, you will need to clear the cache and cookies on your browser. 


To fix this on Chrome, go to Site Settings > Cookies and site data > ensure block 3rd party cookies is NOT enabled: 


Direct link: chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=site+setting



From there, go back to your Camino page and click on the Zoom integration. Here is a guide for Google Chrome and a guide for Firefox. We do not recommend Safari, Edge, or Internet Explorer for using Camino. 


If that does not work, you may want to try a different browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred) or use the Zoom log in on the MySCU Portal. 



For more information or assistance, please contact Camino Support (; 408-551-3572).